Passionate software engineer striving for building the right software the right way.
Agile practitioner to show working software to users sooner.
Lean principles proponent in order to minimize waste and create more value for users faster.
Strong team player bringing forth a positive, motivated, and supportive attitude.
23+ yrs experience in (mostly JVM) desktop, web, and mobile projects in finance, commerce, insurance, automotive, and software industries (IBM, Bosch, Autoscout24, Fiducia, …).
Played roles as system/business process analyst, architect, designer, DevOps engineer, coder, coach, mentor, trainer, technical writer, CTO, scrum master, team lead.
Creative, reliable, customer, and goal oriented, life-long learner, and positive thinker.
Determined to live and work healthily, learn and grow, and enjoy life every day.

... available for new challenges in July 2021 (preferably somewhere close to Hamburg)

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